Cal Jet Advantage - Elite Experience

Discover the upgraded experience you're looking for when flying Cal Jet Elite Business Class and Coach Class, you'll find a variety of comfortable seating choices and a tasty selection of food and drinks. And as always, our warm, friendly flight crew is ready to help you however they can.

Business Class

With a flight attendant dedicated to guests in our Business Class cabin, you'll never be far from anything you need: a helping hand to hang your coat, answers to questions about your flight, a refreshing beverage, or even a chat about where you're going. Our friendly service is focused on anticipating your needs and ensuring your trip is the very best it can be.

Business Class Food & Drinks

When you fly Business Class, your snacks and drinks are on us. You'll find a wide selection of wines, beer, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages onboard, served by our attentive flight attendants.

Coach Class

Passengers enjoy cabin features that include ample overhead storage, windows that have been raised two inches to add more natural lighting, and a lowered floor which provides passengers with additional head and shoulder room. We also offer drink service, along with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks.

Main Cabin drinks

Settle in and relax with one of our many beverage options, including complimentary soda, juice and tea and liquor, wine and beer for purchase.

  • Premium liquors
  • Premium Wine
  • Premium Beer
  • Classic Beer

Main Cabin food

Feeling a little hungry, CalJet Elite has an assortment of complimentary snack selections to satisfy your craving. We also offer complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea.

  • Chips
  • Pretzels
  • Nuts
  • Granola Bars

Upgrade to Business Class prior to departure

Travelers who have already purchased a Coach Class ticket can upgrade to a Business Class ticket for the same flight and same day as originally purchased, if Business Class seating is available. Pricing for upgrades and the process on how to upgrade varies based on the number of hours prior to departure. If upgrading:

25 hours or more prior to departure, please call Reservations. The cost to upgrade is the difference between the originally purchased Coach Class ticket and the cost of the Business Class ticket at the time of upgrading.

1-24 hours prior to departure for flights within the U.S., travelers can upgrade (the cost to upgrade varies): *During the online check-in process *At an airport kiosk, where available *At the ticket counter *By calling Reservations

2 hours prior to departure for flights to/from Mexico, travelers can upgrade at the airport ticket counter upon check-in. The cost to upgrade varies.

* Check for Upgrade to Business Class
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